Relieve Anxiety Before Treatment With Oral Sedation

A form of sedation that involves taking a pill or liquid prior to treatment, oral sedation has been used for many years at Toothology in Toronto as it helps our patients relax while receiving the dental care they need. And while it’s most often recommended for people who have anxiety about visiting the dentist, suffer from sensitive gag reflexes, and/or have difficulty with local anesthesia, it can also be helpful for patients who require a lengthy or complex procedure, have special needs, and more.

How does oral sedation work?

Administered approximately one hour before treatment, the sedative helps reduce patient anxiety and induces feelings of calm and relaxation. Patients remain conscious during their appointment while feeling a sense of detachment from the procedure, allowing for a comfortable experience.

The effects last from one to three hours and begin to wear off after the appointment. Because patients are likely to feel slight drowsiness in the hours that follow their visit, they require that someone drive them home after their appointment.

Is oral sedation right for everyone?

During your consultation, our team will ask questions about your medical history and determine whether or not oral sedation is best for you. Generally speaking, patients who have anxiety or fear about visiting the dentist are likely to be good candidates, as are those who require an involved dental procedure.

If you think you may benefit from oral sedation, contact Toothology today and schedule a consultation!

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  • Relieve fear and anxiety
  • Prevent gagging during treatment
  • Undergo lengthy or complex procedures comfortably
  • Experience a more relaxed visit
  • Prioritize your smile!

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