Nightguards Can Help You Protect Your Smile While You Sleep

At Toothology Dentistry At Park Place in Toronto, we know that custom nightguards are a great way to protect your teeth from the effects of clenching or grinding during sleep. Call us today to learn more!

What are nightguards and how are they made?

A nightguard is a comfortable, plastic device that fits over teeth and prevents the top and bottom teeth from coming into contact, proving a barrier between teeth while a patient sleeps. They are crafted after an impression is taken of the upper and lower jaws, which provides a detailed map of how a patient’s teeth fit together. These impressions are then sent to a dental lab where a custom-fitted appliance is created.

What are the benefits of professional nightguards?

Professionally made nightguards can be more beneficial than over-the-counter nightguards in a variety of ways, including their fit. Because these versions are tailor-made to a patient’s mouth, they provide a secure and comfortable fit that is more effective at protecting teeth from damage. Additionally, custom nightguards can help reduce jaw pain and tension while preventing tooth damage due to grinding and clenching.

Who should consider a custom nightguard?

Custom nightguards are typically recommended for individuals who grind or clench their teeth during sleep. If you’ve noticed that your teeth are wearing down, that you have headaches in the morning, or if our dentist has told you that you’re showing signs of teeth grinding, a custom nightguard may be right for you. A custom nightguard may also be helpful for individuals who sleep with a partner, as it can reduce the noise associated with grinding.

If you are interested in learning more about custom nightguards and how they can help protect your teeth, Contact Toothology Dentistry At Park Place today to schedule an appointment!

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  • Prevent teeth grinding while you sleep
  • Avoid dental wear and tear
  • Get a better night’s sleep
  • Prevent jaw pain caused by tooth grinding
  • Improve your quality of life!

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