Oral Sedation: Get The Care You Want & Need!

Oral sedation in dentistry can be a tremendous help for dental-phobic people to maintain good dental health. Did you know that up to 20% of patients are dental phobic? And at least 50% of us have qualms about dental visits? If you’re one of them, have a family member who is fearful, or know of someone who continually avoids “going to the dentist,” oral sedation may be an option.

In one study, 90% of patients who experienced fearfulness about dentistry felt more comfortable with sedation. As a dentist in Toronto who always welcomes new patients and who is passionate about helping our current patients-of-record, we look forward to making your visit relaxing and comfortable.

What is oral sedation?

Oral sedation is a medication that reduces mild to moderate levels of anxiety and fear of dental care – ideal for adult patients who are dental phobic or whose anxiety level rises to uncomfortable levels at just the thought of “going to the dentist.” Oral sedation is usually administered in pill form, and it is available only with a prescription from us. The medication reduces and even eliminates anxiety and fear of dental visits.

How does oral sedation make one feel?

It will effectively relax you. You won’t be unconscious, so with ease, you can communicate effectively and easily follow instructions during your appointment. This is why oral sedation is often called “conscious sedation.” You will be able to understand what we are saying to you during your entire treatment. If you’re like many of our patients who find that, to their surprise and delight, they doze lightly in the dental chair, you’ll be very relaxed.

How long does oral sedation last?

We will ensure your medication level will cover your entire treatment, whether that is one hour and even up to four hours.

How is your medication chosen?

There are many different types of oral sedation medication. We will determine the type and level that is best for you. After thorough discussion, we will prescribe a sedative that will be most effective for your needs and wants. Factors that we consider together are:

  • Your medical history – Different people react differently with oral sedation medications. A thorough review of your health and your current medications is crucial as we need to be able to predict any possible interactions and how the drug will be metabolized.
  • The length of your treatment – Ahead of time, we will discuss your treatment plan, and we will give you a good idea of the duration of each treatment. With how well oral sedation removes anxiety and helps with relaxation, you may choose to have multiple treatments completed at once. Many of our patients prefer this – one appointment over multiple.
  • The comfort level we need to achieve – We’ll talk about your level of anxiety or fear, your past experiences, and what we can provide based on what you need to make you feel comfortable.